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AquaGrowGreens was started with the mission of providing an easy and affordable way for anyone who wants to eat trustable and reliable produce, the one that you make yourself! We design private-labelled products that convey our vision and support us to realize our vision.

Make Green Things Happen!

Founded in 2016 and incorporated in 2017, based in Vietnam, we use Dutch and Japanese technology overseen by a team of Vietnamese and Dutch engineers. We design and produce personal hydroponic farm kits for consumers who wish to have an easy method for growing healthy, pesticide-free greens you can trust at home or in the office.

"an easy method for growing healthy, pesticide-free greens you can trust at home or in the office"

Our kits are manufactured from modern food-safe materials in factories run in a safe, ethical fashion. We either import extreme high quality seeds or source our organically-grown seeds, paying fair prices to support small farms as part of our commitment to only partner with companies who match our ethical and environmental goals.

Also, the produce are delicious!!!



We've assembled the a-team to bring you the best products!

Danny "Denrick" Simmons

Founder and CEO

Truong Bui

First Angel

Thi Nguyen

Smooth Operator

Van Huyen

Designer Extraordinaire

More About AquaGrowGreens

If you want to know why we exist and what we want to achieve, keep reading our statements

  • MISSION STATEMENT - Use hydroponics as our primary focus to inspire people to pursue healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet. 
  • VISION STATEMENT - Use innovation, brilliant design and earth-friendly materials to help humanity eat daily portions of delicious, nutritious and trustworthy herbs, sprouts, fruits and vegetables wherever they may be.
  • PRODUCT STATEMENT - AquaGrowGreens is the gold standard of personal hydroponic systems on the market. From simple and affordable to large and complex, our systems are well designed, tested and manufactured. We use food-safe materials so you are at ease with our products improving your diet, health and quality of life. It is our vision that someday people will use our products to grow food in space...and beyond. For now, let’s make green things happen together!

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