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AquaGrowGreens was started with the mission of providing an easy and affordable way for anyone to grow their own greens they trust!
We design private-labelled products that convey and support us to realize our vision.
Make Green Things Happen!

We Love What We Do

Green produce for everyone!

With our personal hydroponic farms, we inspire people to pursue healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet.

Latest Blogs

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Something We Encourage - 2017/10/25

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So, Who Grows My Food? - 2017/10/26

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Private-label products

To get our products into the hands of as many people as possible, we work closely with distributors to leverage their networks worldwide so you can find an AquaGrowGreens product to grow your own greens easily!

Design Service

Every product we do is designed internally by our team of amazing Industrial, Agriculture and Graphic designers.
Leveraging the Japanese, Dutch and Vietnamese savoir-faire, we can consult, build or optimize any Hydroponic product.

CSR is in our DNA

We care for a greener planet, but we also care for people's lifestyle and moreover a fair access to quality food and education anywhere in the world.
To apply this, AquaGrowGreens works with many Non-profit organizations and help them do things like teaching English, providing jobs for seed farmers, helping people with low access to food and more...


Want to become a distributor? Or are you a wholesaler/retailer?
Let us know and we'll be in touch with you right away so you can discover all the amazing products that will help AGG achieve its vision by partnering with you!

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